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Other Courses


A 1-day course refreshing the skills of Basic Life Support and training the student defibrillation techniques as recommended by ILCOR.

OXYGEN THERAPY COURSE in pre-hospital care (1 DAY)

HYPOXAEMIA occurs if

  1. The atmosphere contains less O2 than air at sea level
  2. Obstruction occurs via respiratory tract to the lungs
  3. Failure of respiratory rate
  4. Lung impairment or abnormality
  5. Circulatory system is poor due to trauma/accident/shock etc.

This course will provide a sufficient skill level in O2 therapy until professional E.M.S.(Emergency Medical Services services arrive on scene.

The course also includes use & familiarisation of equipment, product data, storage of O2, safety aspects and contra-indications.

ENTONOX course ( 1 day )

A self administered analgesic gas.

For pain relieving therapy following major injuries (fractures etc).

This course is inclusive in the Offshore First Aid but may also be delivered separately subject to status of applicants.

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